Amazon will add new features Nokia Mapping Service for Kindle Fire 2

Although Amazon impressed seal all the information about the presence of the Kindle Fire 2 and they did not want to respond to a variety of outstanding issues had been on the new tablet so the fans made so curious and so excited waiting for news of the release date Kindle Fire 2 on September 6th, and the latest news we get from various sources say that Amazon will add new features Nokia Mapping Service for Kindle Fire 2 is it true?

We think Nokia Oyj mapping service or Nokia maps application will be embedded in the new generation Amazon tablet so it will become a new weapon to fight with Google Nexus 7 tablets that have been equipped with Google Maps. Nokia mapping is likely to be found on the Kindle Fire HD (prediction of a new name for the Kindle Fire 2) considering Nokia is not a new player in the world of mapping or navigation because Nokia had acquired Navteq in 2007and now Nokia grown into a large mapping company and ought to be calculated maybe that’s the Amazon consideration for new tablet, so the presence of this new feature is expected to increase sales in order to compete in the tablet market in middle class.

In 3 days all will be revealed at the Amazon press conference in Santa Monica, and here we have compiled some interesting rumors about the Kindle Fire 2 during this week so widely appeared in several popular media

  • Kindle Fire 2 will be equipped with a 1280×800 pixels screen resolution, rear and front camera, micro USB port and HDMI out.
  • Kindle Fire 2, which reportedly will be using the name Kindle Fire HD.
  • In addition to introducing the Kindle Fire 2, Amazon is also expected to introduce a new Kindle Touch with illuminated screen.
  • New Kindle Fire will Come with Nokia Maps as we post the above and hinting at a Built-in GPS
  • Amazon will introduced a whole range of Kindle Fire HD 7-inch, Kindle Fire XL 10-inch and new Kindle Fire 7-inch
  • The new Kindle Fire will be out in two variations which one model will have a completely new hardware, while another one will only be there a little update of the original Kindle Fire tablet.
  • Amazon will also introduce a 10-inch tablet, but not at their press event this week but later.
  • And there is also mention that the Kindle Fire 2 will be available in two versions, with the cheaper version supported by advertising to reduce costs and both are equally sized 7-inch.

In addition to the above a few rumors we also have found some leaked photos/images of Kindle Fire 2 as it appears below

Amazon will add new features Nokia Mapping Service for Kindle Fire 2

Kindle Fire 2 Leaked Photo/Images

That all means previous rumors that said the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 with 8.9-inch will not be shown to be present! Would you be interested to buy a Kindle Fire 2 when it was first launched?? Wait for further news from us and make sure you subscribe your email in the form below to get the latest news, specifications, price, tips, manual, tutorial and all about the Amazon Kindle Fire 2 tablet

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