How to modifying the Lock Screen Slider Color on Android Jelly Bean 4.1

How to modifying the Lock Screen Slider Color on Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Edit Lock Screen Slider Color on Android Jelly Bean 4.1

Extremely Fast guide in how to modifying the lock screen slider color on Android Jelly Bean 4.1 and these tips has been successful in Amazon Kindle Fire tablet and may be this method can be used also on devices already using Android 4.1 like: Google Nexus 7, Galaxy Tab 3, HTC One or other Smartphone or Android tablet and this article originally post on xda developers forum

Caution – Never try this tutorial using a CM10 ROM or else you will be re-flasing/restoring a back-up and should use the custom ROM Jelly Bean tablet edition aka Project Jandycane for latest version 1.7.1 of Project Jandycane Android Jelly Bean 4.1 ROM for Kindle Fire can be download from here

OK back to discussion of how to modifying Android Jelly Bean 4.1 Lockscreen Slider Wallpapers Color on Kindle Fire tablet, you need to download Photoshop or Gimp and 7zip prior to changing Android Jelly bean 4.1 Lockscreen Slider Color on Kindle Fire, after that making use of a file explorer like Astro file manager, ES File Explorer or default Kindle Fire app, duplicate framework-res.apk coming from /system/framework in to your memory card or SDcard. Mount your own Kindle Fire tablet and then duplicate this framework-res.apk into a secure directory next extract that, discover the following images file.

Inside the drawable-sw600dp-mdpi directory

  1. ic_lockscreen_handle_normal.png
  2. ic_lockscreen_handle_pressed.png
  3. unlock_default.png
  4. unlock_halo.png
  5. unlock_ring.png
  6. unlock_wave.png

While in the drawable-mdpi directory

  1. ic_lockscreen_camera_activated.png
  2. ic_lockscreen_camera_normal.png
  3. ic_lockscreen_glowdot.png
  4. ic_lockscreen_handle_pressed.png
  5. ic_lockscreen_ime.png
  6. ic_lockscreen_lock_normal.png
  7. ic_lockscreen_lock_pressed.png
  8. ic_lockscreen_unlock_activated.png
  9. ic_lockscreen_unlock_normal.png

Right now you can modify the colors of those wallpapers, Suggestions: If you fail to increase alterations in the image be sure the image set to RGB Color so you can edit it

At this point save the modified pics into a secure directory, and then mount your current memory card or sdcard and look for framework-res.apk

Right click it and then choose 7zip and choose open up archive, after that change the very first (original Kindle Fire wallpaper file) using the versions you have modified. A few things I do is remove the res file and change it using my very own. The last step is working with root file explorer >> duplicate the modified framework-res to /system. After that modify the read write file or better known as permissions to rw-r-r then relocate to /system/framework as well as allow it to change the last 1. Restart your device and the modifications is going to be produced in view minutes

credit to Josepho1997 from XDA-Developers for detail please visit treed here

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